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ACTS Oregon

Precious Cargo

My Dad was the greatest man that I ever knew and I absolutely worshiped him. I was his first child, born when he was midway into his 50's. I believe I was referred to as a "surprise" or a 'blessing" depending of course on who you were having the conversation with. He started to go grey when he was in college and had a bald spot accented by a half-full head of white hair by the time I came along.

Everyone who saw us together thought he was my Grandpa, but we had a grand time wherever we went. We had the best time together in the 1960 Oldsmobile that my Grandmother had given us when she stopped driving. I thought that it was coolest thing I had ever laid eyes on. It was painted a color called Iridescent Golden Mist. The name alone makes you think of mother of pearl swirling with bits of fine gold on a fluffy cloud.

It was pink.

Call it whatever you want but that car was pink. Sparkly pink that would bounce big shiny rays of pink light at you when the sun hit that paint job just right. I knew he felt silly driving it around but you didn't turn down a free ride (even a pink one) when it was offered to you. My Dad would get in the driver's seat and I would climb into the back and ride standing up behind my Dad with my arms wrapped around his neck. If you witnessed this today you would whip out your cell phone, call 911 and report a child in danger.

So much has changed since that time. Roads and how we travel on them, vehicles, distractions and impairments. What has not changed is us and how fragile we really are-especially our children. You can purchase the most expensive car seat or booster, but if it is not installed and used correctly your child could still be injured.

Your support of ACTS Oregon helps us reach out to drivers and make sure they are transporting their precious cargo in the safest manner possible. Please check out our check-up event calendar page for more information on how to have your car seat checked to make sure it is installed properly.

Safe Travels,
Janelle Lawrence

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