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CPS Laws

Oregon Child Occupant Protection Law

Oregon law assists drivers in the decision of how to properly restrain and protect children in motor vehicles. When children are properly restrained it significantly decreases the severity of injuries and number of fatalities that occur in a crash. Oregon¹s law reflects national best practice.

Oregon CPS Law Flyer (PDF)
Oregon CPS Law Flyer Spanish (PDF)

Child Restraints
  • Child passengers must be restrained in an approved child safety seat until they weigh 40 pounds. 
  • Infants must ride rear facing until they reach both one year of age and 20 pounds.
Booster Seats
  • Children over 40 pounds must use a booster seat until they are age 8 or 4’9” in height.
  • The booster seat requirement does not apply when the rear seat of the vehicle is equipped only with lap belts, provided the child is secured by the lap belt.
  • For additional details about Oregon's Booster Seat Law, click here.
Safety Belts
  • A child taller than 4’9” or age 8 or older must be properly secured with the
    vehicle’s safety belt. 
  • The child is properly secured if the lap belt is positioned low across the thighs
    and the shoulder belt is positioned over the collarbone and away from the neck.

The failure to properly use safety belts or child restraints is a Class D traffic violation with
a $142.00 fine—ORS 811.210 and ORS 815.055, effective October 1, 2009.

ORS 811.205
Pick Up Truck Restrictions

Prohibits children under 18 years of age from riding in the open bed of a pick up truck.
This offense is a Class B traffic violation resulting in a $242.00 fine.

Idaho's Child Restraint Law

Idaho's Child Passenger Safety Law will require that all children 6 years of age or younger be properly restrained in an appropriate child safety restraint. This is a primary law and the fine is $60.00. This law replaces the language of the old law concerning weight and age requirements of children being transported in a motor vehicle. This law went into effect July 1, 2005.

An appropriate child restraint is a child safety seat for children up to 40 lbs and a belt positioning booster seat for children 6 years or younger. Lap-belt only seating positions should not be used with a booster seat.

Washington's Child Restraint Law

Effective June 1, 2007, children less than eight years old must be restrained in child restraint systems, unless the child is four feet nine inches or taller. A child who is eight years old or older, or four feet nine inches or taller, must be properly restrained either with the motor vehicle's safety belt or an appropriately fitting child restraint system. Children under thirteen years old must be transported in rear seats where it is practical to do so.

The fine for improperly restrained children in motor vehicles is at least $112 per child.